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WSB Merito University operates in Gdańsk and Gdynia. The university's offer includes all types of studies, training and MBA studies. The group of research and teaching staff currently consists of 130 academic teachers. WSB Merito University in Gdańsk has been operating continuously for 21 years and is the largest non-public university in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Through constant observation of the local labour market and close cooperation with representatives of the business world, it both enriches its offer with practical aspects and modifies it on an ongoing basis. The common denominator for the entire educational offer of WSB Merito University is the practical aspect and strong cooperation with employers. The programme grids are evaluated by representatives of the established Entrepreneurship Council, consisting primarily of employers of Pomeranian companies. In addition, WSB Merito University is the only university in Pomerania, and one of the few in the country, to have signed dual education agreements with enterprises. The University is a member of the WSB-DSW Merito Scientific Federation. The WSB-DSW Merito Scientific Federation is the first scientific federation in Poland established under the Law on Higher Education and Science of 2018. It is a research unit bringing together five non-public universities, the aim of which is to synergise the scientific potential of the universities – the participating units.

Representative in PUE: Chancellor Emilia Michalska

Activity: Education at the higher level - bachelor's, master's and postgraduate. Doctoral and habilitation qualifications in 8 disciplines (through the WSB-DSW Merito Scientific Federation).

Founded: 1998